About Us

In the modern era,Technology is developing day by day and makes people’s life easy but shopping of daily items like household,grocery and kitchen and cooking items etc are like old ones as typical shopping going to Bazaar with a lot of burdens and tensions revolving in the heads.so here we are liaqatandsons. liaqatandsons is a  online departmental store brings you all type of items at your door steps. when no one is here we are! now Bazzar is on your doorbell! you don,t have to take tensions of households,grocery,kitchen and cooking items and waste alot of time just go to www.liaqatandsons.comand get your order deliver in just less than 60 Minutes.But what if u don,t have internet connection? Don,t worry! just call on 0444860289.

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Our Vision

our vision is to help people in living ease and good quality of Life.In most of the Cases Supermarkets  are faraway from home or a lot of other work to do there are a lot of similar problems which we face on daily basis. we have the solutions of shopping problems that you faces every day. Just don,t worry of getting items or no need to go to Supermarket.liaqatandsons brings all types of items at the door bell in less than 60 Minutes! and provide best quality of services, just visit on www.liaqatandsons.com or order on 0444860289